Thursday, January 8, 2015


The Oathbow in D&D has the flavour that it wishers "Swift defeat to my enemies" in Elvish, yet does not say what it is. In Sindarin it is "dant lagor anin gyth nîn".

Other useful words in Sindarin that could be used as the codewords to activate wands and the like are:
  • edro = open!
  • gwanno = die!
  • harno = wound!
  • lütho = charm!
  • sogo = drink!
  • gurth = death
  • hül = battlecry (not that saying 'battlecry' is a battlecry…)
  • tür = mastery
  • olf (branch) or olf luith (spell branch) = wand
Activate, energise or turn on are not in the dictionary. Active (n.) in Quenya and vecca and in Sindarin is found as the suffix -weg. carweg (make+active) is an adjective (that does). I can't find any specific details of how verbs are made in Sindarin, but there seems to be a theme with the -a suffix.
So it stands to reason that "wega-" would mean activate. Wego! would mean activate!
Wegas = activation. Lass Wegas would be an "Activation leaf".

For conjuration spells "X, I choose you" —a classic line to piss off overly serious GMs— is "X, Gin cilin".

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