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The chemisty of D&D
Vanilla D&D has four elemental planes and the physics are consistent with classical elements. In the more technological settings, atomic theory creeps in, meaning there should be more than 118 elemental planes...

Technomagic is a non-trivial addion to D&D. There are many flavour. Here I look into the best.

Blank Tokens
Contains a link to my blank token sheets, which are a great tool to customise a game, but also a way to remember games. 

D&D Battle simulator
I have written a D&D battle simulator in Python (available here) and I trialled out various combats: a few tweaks can make all the difference, hence why the challenge calculator is off. The original purpose was to help analyse weapons (which I have not finished doing):

Bardic issues: spellcasting visualised and instrumental uniqueness
The concept of bardic spellcasting and the pros & cons to have special instruments is discussed.

Coin names and slang: adding character to games with ease 
A good custom setting does not need a made-up pantheon, but a focused theme with imparts on the roleplaying aspect. A large focused theme culled of cliches and contradictions is great, but time consuming. Instead a simple crib sheet of slang and names of coins improves changes the roleplaying.

Fixing Shattered hopes 
Shattered hopes is a one-off campaign for Warhammer 40k: Dark Heresy which needs a few tweaks to make it fit for experienced players wanting to try out WH40K:DH.

Symbols of the planes in D&D
In one of the books there are the symbols of the planes. I have drawn them in Illustrator and posted them here as jpgs and linked to the vector file.

Funny random name tables 
Hipster names, trailer trash names, upper class names, Aussie bogan names, Cowboy names and more…

How to be a minmaxer
Exploit your GM's weeknesses, read as much as you can and don't make yourself a target.

D&D 5e character sheet in Sindarin
These are my note from the translation of a character sheet into Sindarin (Elvish).

The fluff for the oathbow say it wishes "Swift defeat to my enemies" in Elvish, in Sindarin it is "dant lagor anin gyth nîn". Other potentially useful Elvish words are given, including "activation leaf", which is… "Lass wegas".

Lyre of Building
This magical device has amazing role-playing potential but has badly written rules. This post analyses and gives some homebrew clarification rules.

Unimpeded eldritch crossbow
This magical crossbow shoots through walls. For only 100,000 gp you can make encounters a thing of the past.

Carrycage of holding
Custom 3.5 magical item to carry animals/beasts/creatures/monsters in a bag of holding.

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