Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Blank tokens

I have uploaded my blank token sheets here:
They are a modification of Paizo's to make them blank.

I (not the artists) kept them all in a box and they even get used in games they were not drawn for, each one tells a story. I really recommend any GM who has a printer to buy 200 gsm cardstock and make the players use them. Some are well drawn, while others are not, but they are all reminders of awesome games played.
And are a good hook for people to ask questions like "Why is there a picture of a horse walking on the ceiling?" or "Why are there two tokens, one of an old man in a dressing gown and harp, while the second all begadgeted?"... Which is your cue to tell the amazing tale of that game.

Other files you might find useful are:

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